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September 23, 2008
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Old description:

It's finally done. o3o

...I've been working on this for hours. 8l

Oh God, I love it~ *cries*

Okay, first things first; the story behind the pic.

So I didn't just draw Deecee dancing with a coat hanger for no apparent reason.

Now, being Deecee, her parents are royalty. Shadow Star, being the elder sibling, got the castle (along with the curse of course) but Deecee gets the next best thing: a bigass mansion. WORD.

And of course, being Deecee and having the wealth to have whatever her heart desires, she'd have some fancy dresses and a ballroom.

And of course, being Deecee, the freaky spider chick that nobody wants to go out with, she'd have no one to dance with.

And of course, being me, I came up with a brand new character just to keep my existing ones happy.

Along with the mansion, Duskjalay (Deecee's mother) put a little curse on a coat hanger that would supposedly keep Deecee forever happy. It basically worked.

Y'see, as long as Deecee is happy, the coat hanger (called Masequard *nods to *TriforceDragon*) isn't alive. But if she starts feeling too sad or lonely, he comes to life, and keeps her happy. He's sort of like Deecee's answer to Shadow Star's Sellers, only Masequard is only there when she's unhappy. The rest of the time, he's just a ordinary coat hanger.

He's not British. :B He's sweet and dignified, but he's not British like Sellers. He can talk, and has emotions, and making Deecee happy makes him happy. :3

Soooooooo, Deecee's sitting in the ballroom, in a fancy dress, wishing she had someone to dance with, and starts crying. Masequard awakens and dances with her and everyone's happy. c:

And keep in mind that this takes place before she met both Shadow Sword and Shark. :B

Masequard seems to awaken not only to Deecee's sadness, but to the sadness of anyone living in the mansion. For example, later on, after Deecee meets Shark and Shadelle starts to feel like dirt, Masequard awakens to make her feel better. :3

So, because Masequard only awakens to sadness, and Deecee is happy with Shark, the Amoebi and the coat hanger have never actually met. =P

ONE more thing that's a little off topic that I should REALLY mention before I forget. The fire that replaces Mirror Worlders' hair is NOT hot, or flammable, or anything like that. Basically, it's cold fire. This explains why it doesn't hurt anyone or burn off all their clothes. :B

Now, about the pic itself:

OH MY GOD. *spasm*

aklojwHEFWO Okay, first of all, I'm not so great at drawing people waltzing (or any kind of action pic, basically) and I drew Masequard without any reference for old fashioned coat hangers.

It was so much fun drawing Deecee's dress. :love: I don't know why, but I love drawing ballgowns and dresses and stuff. They're so flowy and purty. :B

I'm particularly fond of the background. I admit it's based off of this image: [link] but other than that it's totally my work. :B And THAT makes me happy. Because I usually suck and both backgrounds and especially rooms. I especially like the reflections in the floor. c:

And I love the overall glowy happy feel of the pic. :love:

Criticism discouraged because I'm proud of this and don't want anyone to point out any little flaws I missed. :B

Made while listening to one of the waltziest songs I know; The Beautiful Blue Danube~

I worked damn hard on that background, folks. =P

Enjoy~ :aww:

Deecee and Masequard (c) ~D00pliss385

Thank you, *TriforceDragon for coming up with the name Masequard~ <3
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